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The Ideal Life Workshop equips your leaders and workforce with a proven framework to navigate challenges, identify areas for growth, and achieve personal and team goals. Invest in your employees, invest in your company’s success.

The Ideal Life Book, Forbes Best Seller

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The Ideal Life Book

7 Steps to Harness Your Stress, Discover Your Purpose and Achieve Your Goals.

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The Ideal Life Framework delivers 12 weeks of continuous coaching for every client you work with. Starting at just $99 per month.

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The Ideal Life Coaching Platform guides coaches and their clients to harness stress, discover purpose, and achieve goals using our proven 7-step framework.

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Do you crave more purpose, fulfillment, and joy in your life? Our certified Ideal Life Coaches will guide you towards harnessing stress, discovering your purpose, and achieving the goals you desire.

The Ideal Life Book. 7 steps to harness your stress, discover your purpose and achieve your goals.

The Ideal Life Book

A Forbes top-selling book, The Ideal Life, is your guide to managing stress, unlocking your purpose, and achieving incredible results.

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The Ideal Life Community provides mentorship, peer guidance, niche specialization, and lead-generation tools to help you grow your business.

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Sign up for a workshop and take the first step towards a more gratifying and joyful life for you your team or your coaching business.

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The Joy in Goal Setting Podcast

The Ideal Life is empowering individuals to discover their purpose, achieve their goals, and experience a joyful life through encouraging conversation. Hear how our successful guests accomplished their dreams, are working towards something even bigger, and are living their ideal life!

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