2023 Community Heroes in Charleston


In 2023, The Charleston Battery and The Ideal Life recognized and donated to 16 local Community Heroes and their amazing organizations!

a group of people on a soccer field- community heroes 2023

2023 has been a huge year for The Ideal Life! One of the most exciting opportunities, was our sponsorship of The Charleston Battery Soccer Team. Not only do we love soccer, but we also love our local community. And the Charleston Battery has gone above and beyond to create a fun space for families and groups to enjoy!

Giant check presentation

Community Hero Award

Through our new partnership, we combined our efforts to introduce a Community Hero award. Throughout the entire season, at every home game the Charleston Battery selected on organization to recognize. The Ideal Life then granted the Hero with a donation through a giant check presentation during halftime. 

This new initiative went far better than any of us had ever envisioned as The Ideal Life donated to 16 incrdible local organizations. Throughout this season we met amazing people, gave to wonderful causes, and saw a positive impact directly here in our local community.

The Charleston Battery Soccer Player signing autographs

End of Season Surprise

On October 14, 2023 – during the final home game of the regular season – we decided to invite all of the past Community Heroes to join us again in the center of the field during half time.

As everyone found their spot, the announcer proceeded with…

“The Ideal Life is thrilled to have been a supporter of our Community Heroes throughout this season. The remarkable impact that each of you have made on our local community has not gone unnoticed. As a token of our immense gratitude for your commitment to serving others, The Ideal Life is presenting each of you with an additional $1,000 donation. Your efforts to enhance the quality of life in Charleston are greatly appreciated. Thank you for contributing to a more vibrant and joyful community!”

a group of people on a soccer field

Looking Ahead

As we look ahead to the 2024 season, we are thrilled to continue our sponsorship, and are eager to continue our community initiatives! Thank you to the Charleston Battery, to their talented team and staff, to every fan, and to each Community Hero that is making a positve impact throughout the the city we love so much! Thank you!


2023 Community Heroes