We Pursue Purpose in Work & in Life

What is The Ideal Life All About?

The Ideal Life is fulfilling an ancient need on a modern day platform

Since ancient Greece, humanity has searched for wisdom and guidance on how to live a more enriched life. We are satisfying this desire by providing a multimedia platform that is focused on cultivating a growth mindset. Here you’ll find a supportive community of coaches, valuable online resources, and transformative courses aimed at helping you lead a more gratifying and joyful life.

Entities of The Ideal Life

The Ideal Life supports the growth and sustainability of multiple divisions in the company and community.

Ideal Foundation

The Ideal Foundation is the grant-making division that provides grants and in-kind services to grant recipients.

Ideal Creations

Ideal Creations is bringing artists together from around the world and offering unique and exclusive designs.

Ideal Teams

The Ideal doesn’t happen without a collective effort. Learn about the innovators behind The Ideal Life.

Actions + Goals = The Ideal Life

There’s a Better Way to a Joyful Life

Everyone has goals and dreams, but few know how to obtain them. With the help of the I GOT This framework, you can turn those dreams into a reality!

The I GOT This Framework

The I GOT This Framework helps you align your Ideals, Goals, Objectives, and Tasks so you can discover a deep sense of purpose and joy at every stage of your life, knowing you are on the right track.

How to set a clear vision for your life

What actions to focus on each day

How to “get in the zone” with your effort

When and how to deliberately practice skills

How to stay on track with your goals

How to have a healthier relationship with goal setting

Forbes Books Author Seal

Mark Congdon


After spending years as a successful leader in the transportation logistics industry, Mark Congdon now dedicates himself to empowering others through The Ideal Life. With expertise in business and psychology, including a Dean’s List graduate of the Harvard Extension School in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Mark coaches individuals and teams on how to turn their long-term visions into purposeful and actionable steps. As a CEO, Ironman Triathlete, published author, and devoted father of four, his experience offers valuable insights to help others achieve success in life.

Meet the Ideal Team

Mark Congdon is the founder of The Ideal Life, one of 10 ten distinct companies united towards a singular purpose of helping others achieve fulfilling happiness in their lives using the I GOT This Framework. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in psychology at Harvard, and has a book publishing deal with Forbes Books set to release soon.

Mark Congdon

Founder & CEO

Sean Coughlin


Hutson Dodds

VP of Strategic Execution

Corey Colman

Director of The Ideal Life

Karissa Tunis

Director of Marketing

Ashley Brueggemann

Director of Business Development

Jono Young

Director of Technology

Danny Conley

Product Designer

Andrew Austen

Community Manager

Brad Johnson

Product and Community Development Consultant

Lindsey Ballenger

The Ideal Foundation – Grant Administrator 

Harper Poe

Artist Curation and Merchandising Advisor – Ideal Creations

Alexis Marlett

Social Media Manager

Dave Newell


Elizabeth Buckley

Advisor & Coaching Mentor

Where dreams are made

The Ideal Location

The Ideal Life is based in the beautiful Lowcountry of Charleston, SC.

Giant check presentation
Charleston Battery and The Ideal Life Partnership

Establishing our roots

The IDEAL PARTNERSHIP: Charleston Battery & The Ideal Life

“Our whole team is focused on unlocking joy in people’s lives so they can live to their full potential, the ability to spotlight and honor local citizens through the Community Hero presentation is a key way we can help spread love and joy in our community” – Hutson Dodds