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Why are we offering this training for free?

We live in the most prosperous and advanced era the world has ever seen, and yet…

People seem to be less happy than ever before, and our world faces persistent problems on both a global and a local scale.

Most people stand by while this happens, hoping someone else will fix the world’s problems.

But others have stepped forward with a commitment to lift other human beings and the world at large.

All over the world, these purpose-driven individuals have answered the call to serve as a coach.

Are you one of them?

We believe this is happening because the world needs you.

People who want to make a difference feel increasingly pulled away from meaningless work that simply produces a paycheck (no matter how large)…

…and toward a mission that makes an impact in the lives of business leaders, ambitious entrepreneurs, artists, and anyone who has a drive and a dream to bless their fellow human beings.

But this road isn’t an easy one.

Stepping forward and answering the call to coach doesn’t mean your calendar simply fills up with paying clients.

It doesn’t mean you suddenly know how to lead high-potential people to identify the impact they could make, and clear away all the false beliefs that are holding them back.

And it certainly doesn’t mean that you have the answers to questions like “Why are the most successful people often the least happy, and how can I fix this problem when my clients have it?”

Fortunately, The Ideal Life’s coaching framework, called The I GOT This Framework, can help you with all of these things.

Most Coaches Are Not Thriving

female coach struggles, holding head in hand
  • Struggling to Get Clients
  • Not Making the Impact They Want to Make in Coaching Engagements
  • Worried About Not “Making It” as a Coach
  • Afraid to Ask for Money
  • Nagging Doubts About Whether the Naysayers Who Criticized Their Decision to Become a Coach Were Right

This Live Training Will Give You a Complete and Proven Coaching Framework That Blends Proven Philosophical Truths with the Latest Science of High Achievement and Fulfillment

This framework will help you and your clients achieve more in any area of life.

People use this framework to:

  • Dramatically improve the performance of the business team they lead
  • Stop smoking
  • Lose more than 60 pounds
  • Gain the courage to turn a terminal cancer diagnosis with only a few months to live into more than three years (and counting) of high-quality life
The Ideal Life, whole life coaching

Coaches who are striving for greater impact but constantly running into obstacles tell us they’re missing the following things:

A Clear Methodology or Program to Follow
– So they can know how to lead their clients with various needs and backgrounds in an expert, repeatable way.

Coaching Materials
– So they can keep clients moving forward beyond the live discussion with content and impactful follow-up.

A Community of Coaches of All Levels of Experience
– To gain support from peers and learn from those who are further along on their coaching journey.

Guidance on Developing a Market Focus
– So they can identify the type of client they can serve best and talk to more of those people.

Marketing Materials
– So they can create compelling messages that represent their value to clients and create more interest.

Introductions to Leads
– So they don’t have to find every new client on their own.

What You’re Going to Learn in This Training:

Stress as a Force for Good
– Learn how to take the stress that’s holding you down today and use it to fuel greater achievement and greater fulfillment.

The Neurochemical Drive
– Use your powerful neurochemical rewards system to pull you toward your goals and desires and stop quitting.

The Ideal Vision for Your Life
– Most of us believe we’ll be happy when we achieve a certain thing … and that’s a lie. But we are clearly ambitious beings who desire a better future. Learn how to create a powerful, compelling long-term vision for your life AND how to use your neurochemical rewards system to bring joy and fulfillment each day as you move toward that ideal.

Eliminate Post-Achievement Depression
– There are two types of people you may coach: high achievers who aren’t happy, and people who aren’t achieving their goals. The framework you’ll learn in this training will give you the specific tools to move either type of person toward the ideal of obtaining their goals and being fulfilled while doing it.

Your Map to Achieving Fulfillment in Every Area of Life
– Every human being has 7 primary roles in life. Identify what’s important in each of the 7 Life Roles and how to move toward it with greater motivation, purpose and present fulfillment.

A Framework for Setting and Achieving Goals
– Goal setting is a challenge for everyone. Some people don’t set goals and simply work at a breakneck speed to achieve success. Others set goals and consistently forget them and fail to achieve them. This framework completely transforms the execution of goal setting and achievement.

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