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The Ideal Life Book

7 Steps to Harness Your Stress, Discover
Your Purpose and Achieve Your Goals.

About the Ideal Life Book

There is a lie that we all tell ourselves because it is rooted in our evolutionary design. That lie is “I’ll be happy as soon as I accomplish my goals.”

While goal achievement does make up a part of our inner reward system, the truth is that goal pursuit is what keeps us going. Once we actually get what we want, that reward system shuts off – unless it can connect to another goal farther in the future.

Modern society bombards us with false narratives that encourage us to focus on what we want while ignoring what we really need. This leaves us lost and without direction, which manifests as feelings of anxiety, fear, and depression.

This book teaches you the fundamental design of your inner reward system so that you can take back control of the chemicals that cause stress and anxiety and convert them into powerful tools to help you discover your purpose and achieve your goals. By capturing the latest breakthroughs in biology and psychology and pairing them with the lessons of real-life practical experience, Mark Congdon will give you the tools you need to live your Ideal Life. The Ideal Life is your guide.

Book Reviews

“The Ideal Life brings together scientific insights, inspiring real-life stories of change, and carefully crafted tools and frameworks to help you live your life with a sense of purpose and joy. Mark’s narration gives life and energy to scientific findings and human stories, and makes the reader feel the possibilities for regaining agency in their lives.”

Ayse Yemiscigil, PhD

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University

“I’m so excited about this book—The Ideal Life! I’m an avid reader. I have never thought a book would truly change someone’s life. This book will change lives! Who doesn’t want to have purpose in their life? We all want a meaningful life. Mark has perfected a way to trigger the chemicals in our brain using the I GOT This framework to help us find meaning, to deal with stress and depression. All of this is
important to help us to find Joy. Mark is real and the I GOT This framework has been proven to work. I hope you will
invest in yourself by reading The Ideal Life, using the tools and applying the principles that Mark provides.”

Bryan Beam

Chief Operating Officer, Kellex Seating

“Very inspiring book with simple steps that have impacted my life, my business, and not just reaching my goals, but finding more joy in the journey. Highly recommend it!”

Kirsten Wyatt

Founder of Team Fit & Free, Wellness & Fitness Coach, Social Media Influencer

“Mark provides an actionable and inspirational framework to
live our most meaningful lives in all circumstances, backed
by science. Looking forward to putting it in action!”

Muge Wood

Global Energy Industry Solutions Delivery Lead, Microsoft; Member, Women’s Energy Network of Houston and Greater Houston Partnership; Co-founder, “Refirement” podcast series; Board of Directors, “UTMA All Stars”

“Most of us have a general sense of our life’s purpose but haven’t done the work to clarify it or connect our daily decisions to align with that purpose. Mark’s I GOT This Framework touches an emotional chord as it helps us fully unveil our purpose and then gives us the logical path to enable us to fully live into that purpose.”

Jamie Tozzi

Coach and Former Microsoft Executive

“I have observed that numerous individuals I know tend to postpone their retirement due to their uncertainty about how to discover their life’s purpose. The Ideal Life framework offers practical guidance to assist individuals in taking concrete steps towards living a profoundly meaningful life, one that tran-scends short-term focus and embraces lasting significance.”

Christine Zmuda

Chief Inspiration Officer, Magnet Labs and Co-Host of the “Refirement Life”Podcast

“The pursuit of happiness is an undeniable right to all humans. Wise men and women often say that happiness lies within, however, something has to be said for intentional goal setting. Goals and dreams are inspiring and energizing. Mark has developed a process that he came to call the I GOT This framework, helping himself and others achieve desirable results in all areas of life. The Ideal Life will help you under-
stand how to apply the framework to make your life more meaningful and fulfilling.”

Jana Peterkova Richter

Former LPGA Tour Player, US Women’s Open; Golf Instructor

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About the Author

Mark Congdon

Founder & CEO of The Ideal Life

After spending years as a successful leader in the transportation logistics industry, I dedicated myself to empowering others through The Ideal Life. With expertise in business and psychology, including a Dean’s List graduate of the Harvard Extension School in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, I coach individuals and teams on how to turn their long-term visions into purposeful and actionable steps. As a CEO, Ironman Triathlete, published author, and devoted father of four, I offer my experiences and insights to help you achieve success in your life.

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